Is online gambling safe?

As with any industry, there are examples of institutions which have tried to take advantage of online gamers’ enthusiasm by engaging in dishonest practices to rip off unwary players. But luckily for players, the online casino industry itself has rallied to expose those who engage in dishonest practices; the legitimate

Casinos have a vested interest in maintaining the good reputation of the online gaming industry as a whole, so they are quick to expose malpractices by rogue casinos. Consumers themselves are also on the watch, alerting one another through message boards and chat rooms of online gamers, and letting one another know when a rogue casino mistreats someone. With the community-minded practice of watching one another’s backs, and some basic education about the “red flags” to watch for and avoid in your online gaming, you can enjoy safe and secure gaming and avoid those rogue casinos in your own play.

Unscrupulous gaming establishments have discovered a number of ways to cheat and short their players, especially with rigged slots. Some establish their companies in countries which lack gaming regulations or protections for players, then cite legal loopholes or other small-print minutiae to justify indefinite “suspension” of player accounts or payments. Some of these and others falsely claim to be certified or accredited by institutions which safeguard online gamers, and some hide their associations with disreputable software devices or previously blacklisted online casinos. Rigged gaming software can manipulate outcomes to prevent player wins, and even when a payer does win, some casinos refuse to pay out the bonuses or winnings, citing fine print in their procedures, or simply delaying the payment while frustrated players wait and wonder about their money. All of these forms of fraud are made easier to pull off by the anonymity and remote operation of internet gaming, but there are truly a large number of reputable, upstanding, and fair-playing casinos in operation. For a prospective player, it’s simply a matter of taking precautions and looking into any given casino before investing gaming funds with that establishment. Watch for warning signals, listen to the experience of the online gaming community, and enjoy your own gaming with peace of mind.

A player wishing to investigate the legitimacy of any specific casino before entrusting money or financial information to that institution can check out the track record of that casino with other gamers. Online discussion groups and message boards are a great place to read about other gamers’ experiences, and you can find any number of lists posted online, detailing which online casinos have displeased their customers with dishonesty. The category of “rogue” casino is a different classification than simple customer dissatisfaction; the Rogue tag indicates full-on dishonesty, cheating, swindling, or deception. Actions or practices that might earn an online casino the “rogue” classification from others in its industry include issues like bogus licenses, hidden terms, excessively slow pay (or failure to pay out on gamers’ winnings), black hat SEO recruiting and spamming players with deceptive marketing, crooked or rigged software, confiscation of winnings citing vague terms, absent customer service responses to consumer complaints about slow or missing payments, and other forms of cheating or displeasing players.

Another source for information about online casinos’ records would be the watchdog groups like Casino Advisor, Casino Meister, and Winner Online. These groups post updated information about online casinos’ performances, including commendable practices as well as cheats, malware use, and even the less serious charges of bumbling or incompetence (which might cause irritations for players, but aren’t outright actions of dishonesty).

For aficionados of online casinos and gaming, secure money management is a critical element of supporting your gaming. You’ll want to look into a service that allows you to track your transactions, check your real-time balance at any time, and move your money instantaneously and securely. Although using a credit card accomplishes some of this, credit cards alone can’t provide all the services offered by online payment services. Credit cards don’t have the additional encryption, firewalls, or security offered by the payment services which are specifically tailored to protect your money.

To manage your winnings, you can choose from the many available payment services at and know that whichever one you pick, you’ll be assured of security and user-friendly services. Options include popular services like MyCitadel Wallet, Click2Pay, EcoCard, Entropay, eWalletXpress, Moneybookers, Neteller, Ukash, UseMyWallet, ePassporte, and FirePay, among others. Some are even PayPal Casinos. All of these services offer easy sign-up processes, verification, security and encryption to protect your money and your privacy, easy access to account balance information, instantaneous movement of money (from your bank accounts or credit cards, and from the online account to and from specific casinos), and acceptance at most major online casinos.